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Social Media Policy

LUMINE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LUMINE”) establishes the Social Media Policy to stipulate matters relating to the use of social media as specified below.

Attitudes and conduct that we, LUMINE's employees, must comply with

  1. 1. “Awareness and responsibility” in outgoing information via social media

    1. (1) We understand at all times that transmitted information can be accessed by an unspecified number of users.
    2. (2) We are fully aware that information transmitted by each employee may have a significant social impact.
    3. (3) In transmitting information, we strictly comply with laws/regulations, and internal rules.
  2. 2. Adding value through leveraging social media

    1. (1) We use social media to facilitate work of and provide solutions for ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers and business partners.
    2. (2) We use social media to acquire knowledge and skills for ourselves.
    3. (3) We contribute to the improvement of LUMINE's services, products, processes, and policies directly or indirectly.
    4. (4) We increase the brand value of LUMINE.
  3. 3. Desirable attitudes for participating in social media

    1. (1) We are attentive and respectful to others.
    2. (2) We understand that even a remark made in a private capacity may be taken as an official comment on behalf of LUMINE.
    3. (3) We are responsible for outgoing information and carefully avoid causing misunderstanding.
    4. (4) We comply with the LUMINE Personal Information Protection Policy when dealing with personal information.
    5. (5) We understand that any information, once published, cannot be completely deleted.
    6. (6) We sincerely carry our daily tasks.
  4. 4. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

    1. (1) We comply with applicable laws and regulations.
      In particular, we refrain from infringing upon copyrights, trademark rights, or portrait rights, and making defamatory actions and any other infringement actions.
    2. (2) When citing a piece of content or an article posted by a third party, we clearly state the source and the quoted part thereof.

    The Company has established guidelines for posting of social media content that apply to all employees.
    The Company actively encourages all employees who use social media to understand the guidelines and use social media appropriately.

Message and request to our customers and users

  • - Not all information transmitted by LUMINE employees on social media represents our official corporate announcements or comments. Your understanding would be highly appreciated. LUMINE's official announcements are available on the corporate website ( and in press releases.
  • - The way we communicate (for example, whether we respond to inquiries or not, the method of response to inquiries, and the response time, etc.) differs depending on the account. Kindly consult a list of official accounts for the operation of individual accounts.
  • - The posted information is as of the date of transmission. The content is subject to change.
  • - Kindly consult the relevant Terms and Conditions when using LUMINE's social media and associated services.

Inquiries about our Social Media Policy

  • - Inquiries about the use of LUMINE's social media shall be submitted to the corporate website using the designated inquiry form.

List of official accounts

* Excluding temporary accounts for a limited period, etc.