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What We’re Creating

We’re creating unique value to inspire and enrich urban living

Shopping Business

LUMINE's online shop “iLUMINE”


iLUMINE provides brand new shopping experiences.

We strive to provide an enhanced shopping experience and better services for our customers by constantly upgrading LUMINE's unique e-commerce system and integrating our physical and digital stores by, for instance, sharing a warehouse for stocking products. This provides more enjoyable and wider shopping options for customers, such as “order products online and pick them up at the nearest store” and “visit a real store to check out products and place an order after returning home.”



A marketing & communication tool to better understand customers.

In addition to a 5% discount on all purchases, LUMINE CARD customers get access to a variety of support services to enhance their individual lifestyles. LUMINE CARD sales are increasing every year and play a critical role both as a marketing tool to better understand customers and as a tool for customer communication.

LUMINE CARD Online Payment Service


A service that allows you to buy products found in our stores using your LUMINE CARD, even from the comfort of your own home.

Contact the store and they will send you a URL for payment, allowing you to buy items that you couldn't decide on when you saw them in the store or items that you saw on Instagram or our other social media and became interested in. From there, you can make your purchase at the same great prices using your LUMINE CARD.



LUMINE's specialized app for building new relationships with customers.

The official company app, ONE LUMINE, keeps customers up-to-date with the latest LUMINE information and allows them to purchase their favorite outfits right from the app. We intend to use this powerful new communications tool to further enhance our extensive array of services.



Luminest, an Omotenashi (hospitality) specialist embodying LUMINE philosophy.

Shop staff with the highest degree of skill and the right mindset for customer service who propose new life values to customers are certified as "Luminest". After passing a rigorous screening, Luminest staff are utilized as representatives of LUMINE and NEWoMan in ways that extend beyond the boundaries of shops and buildings.



This is a job-matching community that connects tenants with staff that have experience in sales and customer service in LUMINE, NEWoMan, and other facilities who are looking for work.

This platform brings together people who want to work at their own pace with tenants suffering from staff shortages. It allows for diversity in work styles by offering customer service and sales jobs with flexible periods and hours. It provides support for a variety of work styles by enabling people to take part in customer service and sales work even for short periods of time.

Event Recruitment site

Event Recruitment site

Your new challenges with LUNIME and NEWoMan.This is a web site for those who want to open your pop-up shops (or physical stores) in LUMINE and NEWoMan.

At LUNIME and NEWoMan, in order to provide "the value of life" for customers together, pop-up stores, events, We are looking for event vendors. Why don't you take on a new challenge at LUNIME and NEWoMan?

Lifestyle Business



Projects that depict the future of arts and people.

This project proposes that every day should be a “day of art” as a way of enriching the lives of our customers. To do this, we're creating spaces where people can freely encounter artistic works—through exhibits in LUMINE facilities, art fairs featuring a wide selection of approachable, affordable pieces, and more.



Connecting people all over Japan Through travel.

All over Japan, there are people deeply rooted in their communities and living life their own way. Meet them, interact with them through objects and experiences, and share your discoveries. This project aims to foster relationships such as this throughout the country in a way that will enrich everyone's future.



Urban dwellers meet and learn about rural people, farms, and products.

We hope that people living in the Tokyo metro area will be able to live their everyday lives more richly by recognizing the depth and diversity of their meals and their own health. We are taking a multifaceted approach that includes efforts such as holding concept shop markets in Ekinaka and offering seasonal foods through online shopping.

Event Hall “LUMINE 0”

Event Hall “LUMINE 0”

An interactive place of people, goods, and events that inspire and connect different parts of Japan and the world.

LUMINE 0 is a cultural facility that rolls out fascinating content—including fashion, design, art, crafts, food, entertainment—from a fresh perspective that breaks free of conventional approach. It serves as a source of information as well as exhilarating experiences.



An explosively popular pizzeria from LA now in Japan to offer pizzas with some 40 toppings to choose from.

This popular Los Angeles-based pizzeria is experiencing spectacular growth, particularly along the American West Coast. LUMINE has signed an exclusive contract to open branches in Japan, and we intend to add our own unique touch as they will be run as direct LUMINE operations. Every location features a distinctive design concept to match its surroundings. A total of three restaurants have opened, one in NEWoMan SHINJUKU, and two in NEWoMan YOKOHAMA.



Under the concept of “fall deeper in love with our community,” we gather and send out information about attractive features of Kanagawa from LUMINE's perspective.

These grassroots markets bring together the finest selection of local products in each area. The number 2416 is the size of Kanagawa Prefecture in square kilometers. In addition to providing a place of discovery for foods and variety goods that are rooted in the local culture as beloved hallmarks of the Kanagawa area, these markets serve to create a community that puts the local people in touch with creators and company members.

Global Business


LUMINE Singapore

Encourages Singaporean women to bloom with new sense of values and possibilities.

The store was opened under the concept of introducing Japanese-style fashion to Singaporean women, to awaken them to the new perspectives and possibilities that blend well with the diverse local culture.


LUMINE Jakarta

Creating new value by bringing together Indonesian and Japanese cultures.

LUMINE offers a mix of local products and the “fashion” of Japan together in one store, from new items to pieces from past collections such as Japanese fashion as interpreted by young Indonesian designers. We will continue presenting new styles that keep you in the “now” and help you make new discoveries.