the Life Value Presenter

Welcome a new you

LUMINE promises to further pursue the value for life that is unique to our stores in order to satisfy our customers and their increasingly diversified values.

We live in a time where self-expression is diversifying.
We believe that individuality should be explored freely with an open mind.
We live in a time where women’s lifestyles are diversifying.
We believe that women should be free to design their lives based on their own desires.

Your personal expansion is hope for our society.
LUMINE offers inspiring ideas for women to fully express their individuality, without having to sabotage a way of life that is true to the authentic self.

Evolution of individuality is the very essence of life.
To encourage the exploration of individuality we provide new solutions, redefine social norms and expand the horizons of freedom. LUMINE is committed to driving systemic change and spreading positivity into the future and its’ society.

Today, tomorrow and a decade from now.
LUMINE is always by your side.
Welcome a new you.



For Urban Dwellers

Women go their own way, finding freedom and joy in urban life. Our goal is to help them shine even more brightly in every area of life as they continually redefine what it means to express their true selves.



Our Philosophy Lives in Everything We Do

Our customers have untapped desires that even they may not be aware of yet. At LUMINE, we believe our job is to seek out those desires and translate them into inspiration that goes beyond what they expect, predict, or even imagine. That is the LUMINE philosophy.



Expanding Businesses

We’re taking our commercial retail business to new heights while going after the challenge of new frontiers. We’re also dissolving the barriers between virtual and real-world shopping experiences to bring all our operations together. Every delightful experience with LUMINE makes life richer.



Where We’ve Been and What We Are Now

LUMINE has long been dedicated to creating value in many areas of life as a way of anticipating our customers’ hopes and dreams. Today, we continue to push ahead as we take on fresh challenges.



Company Overview

We at LUMINE are taking steps toward a brighter future by formulating specific policies to fulfill its social responsibilities. We will act with the conviction to continue to be a trusted company.