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For Urban Dwellers

Celebrating every facet of your uniqueness

The new you is always current

When do urban career women feel like themselves the most? Nowadays these women are defining their own standards of finding free time and enjoying life, both when working and when not working. Living in the present, they are honest about what they really want to do and have the skills to do so. For them, “the way I am” is in a perpetual process of transformation.

Enabling customers to shine for a lifetime

With a heartfelt desire to keep our customers shining throughout their personal and professional lives, LUMINE and NEWoMan endeavor to offer solutions that can fit any scene and any stage of their lives by exploring their hidden and changing needs, and by proposing “new ways to be themselves” that are a step ahead of expectations and beyond any notions of time.


LUMINE in diverse colors

LUMINE is an operator of commercial facilities, targeting working women in their 20s and 30s, offering them values that speak to their hearts and senses. Adding colors not only to their lifestyles, but also in ways of being “who they are,” our stores are highly attuned to trends, and functionally arranged to create inspiring and timely shopping experiences for all visitors. LUMINE buildings are situated in and around 13 terminal stations in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, each with their own unique features, according to the characteristics of the locality and people.


NEWoMan keepsrenewing itself

NEWoMan is a commercial complex, where those seeking high quality and authenticity can spend a leisurely time discovering new values in diverse areas of life. NEWoMan Store No. 1 in Shinjuku was created as a “one-stop destination” for such people and is home to not only fashion stores but also clinics, a childcare center, and cultural facilities. Store No. 2 in Yokohama offers luxury brand products for ever evolving women to continue elevating their values and standards. NEWoMan LOUNGE is exclusive to VIP customers.